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We STRONGLY feel Pets are important to our well-being and quality of life. So Pets are still welcome in all of our homes. We have never had a pet that smoked in bed and set fire to the building. We have never had a pet who played music or the TV too loudly. And we have never had a pet get drunk and knock holes in the walls. So if your pet can vouch for you, you're welcome too. We do not charge an increased security deposit for pets over 3 years of age.  Pets are always welcome - Even welcome to come with you when you visit our office. We are one of the last management companies in town that allow animals. You'll most likely get to meet Ellie Mae (or May Not as she is sometimes called) on one of your tours as she loves to travel & meet people so I bring her to along to most showings. Super friend Norwegian Elkhound!
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Click here for printable rental application or www.t-crealty.com/application.pdf You will need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Free Reader - just click on this button to download free reader Get Acrobat Reader -
  Pet applications are also available - just click here or www.t-crealty.com/pet.pdf
  Or to get an application faxed to you - Just text us where to fax or email it to

New Vacancies are below - Follow individual web links to get more details - We provide fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors & PUR Water Filter Mounts in almost all of our units.  Check the website for more details: www.t-crealty.com/rentals.htm  New listings posted often.


If you would like to apply - please click here

Please text us for the fastest service - Toll Free



Happy House Hunting!


If you would like to apply - please click here

Please text us for the fastest service - Toll Free



Happy House Hunting!


Town & Country Realty


Rentals:  Available Now are listed first   -    Scroll Down to Available Soon

I am trying to post new listings  but homes are renting  before I can even finish the ads.

A I do apologize but we do not have any unfurnished rentals available at this time.

Inquire with us directly for the furnished home price.

Our goal is to give you a fun housing experience while you are in Klamath Falls. We even offer housewares and washer and dryers plus lawn care for a turn key solution.

 Click here to go to our Nightly/Weekly Rental Site - you can stay in any of our homes short term via this link.
We will have very few homes coming open in the next few months due to such high demand and few above a 1 bedroom. Scroll down for details.

 Don't wait too long or there will be nothing left! 

Text us today for more details & fastest service - 1-866-883-3421
Please Note: Smarthome & Smart Alarm systems are available for installation in all of our homes plus even some motorized blackout shades for TV and Movie viewing &/or gaming rooms.
See costs on individual webpages - New alarm installs will include smoke detectors  PLUS option for an image capture sensor that takes photos in an alarm state.

Go to www.connected-smarthomes.com for info on Smarthomes & Motorized Shades.

BONUS -  We allow our tenants to move to another one of our homes any time during your lease term.
We love Win- Win Scenarios.
There are some conditions - your rental account must be current, the home is clean inside and out, and we will require a 30 day notice an a new lease at the new property but as long as those are met - your deposit will transfer to the new home minus any damage costs or past due amounts.

I do apologize but we do not have any unfurnished rentals available at this time.


Smarthouse & Smartphone Security System Options

Sign up for a longer term lease &/or an increase in rent for a Smart Home upgrade - control the lights in this home with a smartphone or tablet (requires tenant paid internet service & $20 App). Includes Fabulous Virtual Scenes like Movie, Relax & Entertain even a Goodnight button that turns everything off and your bedroom light on. Plus an Away Timeclock mode that turns your lights on and off for you while you are way. Plus more -  remote controls and backlit keypads - 5K system.

Sign up for a longer term lease + increase in rent for an Security system you can control from your smartphone, tablet or PC.



Question Mark Clip Art Not Ready to move yet? Email us what you are looking for - size, # of bedrooms, monthly price range, date you would like to move & we will check our lease expiration dates and get you a list of homes coming available.
** Please Note ** Voice recordings may not be accurate - so please be sure to check out the webpage first.  
New Remodel Options Available in most of our Homes!

Lutron light dimmers are being installed in most of our homes - some even with  Lutron Maestro wireless under cabinet lights in the kitchen- Too Cool!  Lutron Maestro Wireless Lights & pico controls - click here for details - About a $900 upgrade!

Only works with incandescent lights -  Digital Fade Dimmers - At the touch of a button, dimmer can go immediately to a favorite preset light level, fade-to-off, or adjust manually.

Electric Fireplace with mantel can be installed for $18 extra a month  in rent on a lease of 12 months. Incredibly realistic 3-D flame!

No mess, no hassle, no worry - 4-season enjoyment. You can run the flames with or without heat. Remote Control.

Different mantels available from all white to oak, cherry, etc. Corner & standard mantels available.

Very Realistic Flame Effect

Standard Amenities Available in most of our Homes!

Automatic Light Controls - Brand New Gadget available in most of our homes!

 Porch Lights turn on at Dusk & off at Dawn

Never come home in the dark again!



We want you to enjoy your new home & also live there safely!

Fire Extinguishers are provided in all of our homes!

PUR water Filter Mounts are provided in most of our homes!

Want to Add Your Rental?: Send us an email with the information about your rental property including: Property Address, Amenities, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, attach Photos, and your contact information. Send an E-mail to: teresa@t-crealty.com

Email us for more details

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Ever had a crisis with your refrigerator, plumbing or heating and could not get a hold of your landlord?

 We know how horrible that is so we developed our HELP Center w/ our Contractor List - you can get it 24 hours a day by clicking here or by calling Toll Free 1-866- 883-3421 and entering in HELP (or extension 4357). press 07 and our system will fax the list to you. 



. Click here to pay your application screening charge online...  Or here to pay your rent or deposits online - You will be assessed the 3% fee PayPal charges us to receive online payments

We accept Online payments for rent, deposits, & applicant screening charges- just sign up for an account at www.paypal.com , click send money & send to our email address which is our account -  info@t-crealty.com  (PayPal charges us to accept these payments & the charge(s) approximately 2.9% will need to be reimbursed the following month).

Applicant screening fee per adult applicant $30.00

Thank you for visiting our website and we wish you the best in your home search!


If you are looking for information on Smarthome Systems - please go here: www.connected-smarthomes.myshopify.com


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